Play Lists for September 2007

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Artist Title
The Crystalline Effect Do Not Open
Derma-Tek Lost Cause (Davantage)
Cesium 137 Flight
Fake The Envy Warriors
Suicidal Romance Will It Be For Us
Alien 6 Ice Machine
Violent Diva Wild Boys
Sonictune Mirror
Artist Title
The Crystalline Effect Jagged Edges (Negative Format)
Mirrorman Follow Your Leader (Suicide Mix)
Michigan The Nomad (Frozen Plasma)
Hocico About A Dead
Negative Format Valve (A+BPM)
Suicidal Romance Not Alone
VNV Nation Chrome (SITD)
SITD Kreuzgang v2
Artist Title
Ashtrayhead Phonecall
Cubanate Oxyacetalene
Birmingham 6 You Cannot Walk Here (Victimized)
Velvet Acid Christ Lets Kill All These Motherfuckers
Bigod 20 The Bog (Dance Mix)
And One Driving With My Darling (Exii)
Apoptygma Berzerk Mourn (APB)
VNV Nation Joy
C-Tec Foetal
Artist Title
Boris Mikulic Break Free
Iron Lung Corp Join In The Murderous Chant
Biopsy CX State
Ministry Smothered Hope
Templebeat You Spin Me
Oomph Augen Auf!
PWEI Everythings Cool (Youth 7)
Birmingham 6 Godlike
Killing Joke Millenium (Cybersank Extended)
Unit 187 Dead Dog (Open Surgery)