Play Lists for December 2008

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Artist Title
The Crystalline Effect Hypothermia
Massiv In Mensch Supermassive Gravity (Mind In A Box)
State Of The Union Radioman (Club)
System Syn Like Every Insect
Bobby So Many Scars (Dynamikk)
Negative Format Origins
Interface North Star
Iris Lands Of Fire (Mesh)
Elegant Machinery Feel The Silence (Shapeless)
Ashbury Heights Waste Our Love
Artist Title
Novus Liberty
Synthesis Celas Del Ovido
Patenbrigade Wolff Mauerradio (Club)
Kirlian Camera Erinnerung
Girls Under Glass Erinnerung (Living Dead)
Sensuous Enemy It's A Sin
Clan Of Xymox Courageous
Qntal Departir
Artist Title
Eloquent Carte Blanche (Peoples Theatre)
Bobby So Many Scars (Dynamikk)
Massiv In Mensch Pink Dream
Patenbrigade Wolff Stalinallee (Jugend Club)
The Azoic Let Me Tell You Something (Interface)
Fake The Envy Tell Me Tell Me (Extended)
The Crystalline Effect Ialundra
Elegant Machinery Move
Artist Title
Cellmod Trail Effect
Plague Sequence Novamancer
Suicidal Romance Our Game (Aesthetic Perfection)
Seize Craving (Mushroom)
The Azoic Ever (DJ Delobbo)
Nun Nemo (Club Edit)
Lexsine Ecos
Blind Faith & Envy Gentle Delay (Neuroactive)
Artist Title
PBC Close Your Eyes
Solitary Experiments Odyssey Of Mind (Negative Format)
BATTL Mis-Step (A23)
Iris Unknown (Sub-Rosa)
SPOCK Satellites (Sputnik)
Interface Land Of Confusion
Assemblage 23 Divide (Cut Rate Box)
Life Force Further