Play Lists for March 1999

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Artist Title
Numb Suspended (Primary Inversion)
Wumpscut Flucht
Din_Fiv Piss Christ v2.0
VNV Nation Rubicon
SPOCK They Are Here
SHOK Mega-Mix


Artist Title
Busta Rhymes Only One Year Left
Chemlab Exiled
Cubanate Lord of the Flies
TGT Revo
SPOCK Not Human
Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope
Coil The Snow


Artist Title
Funker Vogt Fortunes of War (VAC)
Birmingham 6 Attracted by the Light (Carbon 12 Mix)
Velvet Acid Christ The Dead (Alive Mix)
Fading Colours Lorelei
Purr Machine Speak Clearly
Project Pitchfork Sin


Artist Title
Leatherstrip Adrenaline Rush (Vegger Mix)
Decoded Feedback Breathe
Lights of Euphoria Shadowland
Informatik Things To Come
Imperative Reaction Overcast
VNV Nation Forsaken (Vocals Mix)


Artist Title
Kevorkian Death Cycle Static
Cleen Freezeout
Velvet Acid Christ Futile (LSD Mix)
Mentallo and the Fixer Other World Technology
Die Krupps Fatherland (Sisters)
Noxious Emotion Entropy