Play Lists for July 1999

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Artist Title
Velvet Acid Christ Futile 99
Skinny Puppy  Testure 12"
Apoptygma Berzerk Enjoy the Silence
Sisters of Mercy Lucretia My Reflection
The Last Dance Do you believe in angels?
Wumpscut Mother
Covenant Figurehead


Artist Title
Cobalt 60 12 Months
Puncture Constrict Command
Decoded Feedback Time Machine
Nine Inch Nails Starfuckers
Die Warzau All Good Girls (Quake)
1AM 1,000 Beats


Artist Title
Replicate God Dog
Front Line Assembly Prophecy
Wumpscut Flucht
Fictional  Hangman
Skinny Puppy Blue Serge
Mentallo and the Fixer Other World Technologies


Artist Title
Templebeat The Brain Cult of Macho Irony
Excessive Force Violent Peace
The Azoic Drown (Pulsating Mix)
Ashtrayhead Phonecall
Covenant The Final Man (Club Mix)
Oneiroid Psychosis Dark Day