Play Lists for October 2000

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Artist Title
In Strict Confidence Learn To Live
Front 242 Headhunter (Aghast View)
Covenant No Mans Land
De/Vision I Regret (Live 98)
Informatik Entropy
Evils Toy Wired-Connected
Suicide Commando Hellraiser (Psychopath 1)
Ikon Ghost In My Head


Artist Title
Melotron Dein Meister
Flesh Field Inside (Covenant)
Inertia Regime (Funker Vogt)
God Module Denial
Assemblage 23 Surface (Aghast View)
DHI M1911A1
Front 242 Crushed (Obscene)
Die Form Cantique II


Artist Title
Cubanate Hatesong (Extended)
Icon Of Coil Shallow Nation
Assemblage 23 Never Forget
Flesh Field Animal
Lost Signal Strain
Wolfsheim I Don't Love You Anymore
Mesh Trust You
Crocodile Shop Waiting Game


Artist Title
Kevorkian Death Cycle Static
Suicide Commando Hellraiser (VNV Nation)
Stormkern Heretic III
Interface Reptile
Front 242 No Shuffle
C-Tec Stateless
Funker Vogt Gunman (Female)
Underworld Dark and Long