Play Lists for April 1998

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Artist Title
Apoptygma Berzerk Non-stop violence
Evil’s Toy Lucifer’s Garden
Trylok Reforce
Lights of Euphoria Injustic
Deathline International Tainted Love
Templebeat You spin me
Contagion Ingest


Artist Title
New Order Blue Monday ’95
Luxt Megaplex
Ministry Tonight we murder
Boris Mikulic Break Free
Killing Floor Nineteen hundred and forty eight
Ice-T w/Jello Biafra Shut up, be happy


Artist Title
Chemlab Exiled
Cobalt 60 Born Again
13mg. Too Freaky
Gary Numan Are friends electric?
Individual Totem Implicate Order
Noise Unit Firing Line
Leatherstrip Adrenaline Rush


Artist Title
Lateral Tension Pressure Device
Hexedene Turn
Spahn Ranch In The Aftermath
Neumantre Les Coueres Danser
Ashtrayhead Phonecall
And One Deutschmaschine
Crocodile Shop Waiting game