Play Lists for April 2004

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Artist Title
Fairlight Children Before You Came Along (Echo Image)
Goteki Phuturist (Echo Image)
Resistance D You Were There
Univaque Nothing Can Be Saved (U1_4_C5 Remix)
Rotersand Almost Violent (Psyche)
Neikka RPM Here's Your Revolution (Delobbo)
Monolith Inside Your Head
Plastic Sense Of Life (Catchy Club)
Neuropa Every Second (Stop The Clock)
Ziegenbock Kopf Sex With A Man


Artist Title
Rotersand Almost Violent (Album Recut)
Syrian Space Overdrive (Extended)
Neikka RPM Here's Your Revolution (With Vengeance)
Cesium 137 Atrophy
Icon Of Coil Existence In Progress
Backlash Lodestar
Blutengel Angels Of The Dark
Laibach Tanz Mit Laibach


Artist Title
Solitary Experiments Fast Forward
God Module Difficult Reflections (Tactical Sekt)
Re Agent Brain Death
Rotersand Hidden
Wumpscut Crown Of Thorns (Naked Beat)
The Retrosic The Storm (DJ Edit)
Standeg Rushing Pictures
Thou Shalt Not If I Only Were A Goth