Play Lists for August 1998

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Artist Title
Bigod 20 Carpe Diem
And One Life isn’t easy in Germany
Covenant Go Film
Funker Vogt Killing Fields
Wumpscut/Haujobb Mother
Front Line Assembly  Columbian Necktie
Biopsy CX State


Artist Title
Under The Noise Sun
Produkt 13 Machines
Fishtank No. 9 My Disguise
Index Black Razor
Peace, Love, and Pitbulls  Hitchhike To Mars
Fortification 55 The Doll


Artist Title
Project Pitchfork Steelrose
VNV Nation Voice
Lights of Euphoria Sleepwalking
Velvet Acid Christ  Lets kill all these motherfuckers
Noise Unit The Drain
Malhavoc S.C.E.X. (XXX Rated)


Artist Title
The Last Dance Do you believe in angels?
Project Pitchfork  Steelrose (ApB)
Front 242 Punish your machine
Leatherstrip Anti-US
Psychopomps Godshit


Artist Title
Final Cut I Beleive
Spahn Ranch Vortex
Skinny Puppy Blue Serge
Project Pitchfork Carrion
Front 242 Melt
Luxt Technochrist
Front Line Assembly  Vigilante