Play Lists for November 2004

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Artist Title
SEMI New Energy
Girls Under Glass Minddriver
Mechanical Horizon Gottes Vergessenses
Prospero Storm Front (Nerve Filter)
Assemblage 23 Consequence
God Module The Ones We Love (Parallel)
Nebula H Symbiosis (Extended)
Black Heaven Zu Dir


Artist Title
Icon Of Coil Floorkiller 2004
God Module Victims Among Friends
Assemblage 23 Ground (Darker)
Hungry Lucy To Kill A King (Oil 10)
Angels & Agony Civilization (Overview)
Funker Vogt Thanks For Nothing (Vocoded 2003)
Cesium 137 Atrophy (Imperative Reaction)
Headscan Dead Silver Sky (Protocol)


Artist Title
Covenant Luminal
Velvet Acid Christ The Dark Inside Her
SPOCK ET Phone Home (Live)
X Marks The Pedwalk Maximum Pace
Leaetherstrip How Do I Know (Apop)
Neuroactive Parallel (Club)
Anne Clark Sleeper In Metropolis (Hardfloor)
Assemblage 23 Purgatory
Project Pitchfork Conjure
Elegant Machinery A Little Sacrifice (7")
Mesh Not Prepared (Club)
Lifeforce Further
Lost Signal Absence
Crocodile Shop Order+Joy


Artist Title
Megadump Frozen Frames
Mandro1d Urban T3chno Commando
Combichrist Tractor
Universal Poplab New Baby Boom (Hakan Lidbo)
Digital Geist Blue Monday
Juno Reactor Mona Lisa Overdrive v2
Pride & Fall December (Below Zero)
E-Craft Kill The Fakes