Play Lists for March 2005

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Artist Title
Aghast View Drifter
Battery Cage Anti-Angel (Black Halo)
Amduscia Dead Or Alive (God Module)
Trylok Radioactivity
Templebeat You Spin Me Round
Wumpscut Rush
Leaetherstrip Strap Me Down
Autoaggression Das Nyquist Theorem


Artist Title
Combichrist This Shit Will Fcuk You Up
Interlace Quintillion (Slave Orbit)
Necessary Response Forever
Rotersand Last Ship
Aghast View Fieldlights (Cenobita)
Aiboforcen Numbers
Kramm Fiebertraum
XP8 Purity (Massiv In Mensch)


Artist Title
Pierrepoint Musik Non Stop
Fusspils 11 Kalte Herzen
VNV Nation Chrome
Nevarakka Everyday
Implant My Gun (Delobbo)
Electro Synthetic Rebellion Mindphaser
Ikon Psychic Vampire
Colony 5 Heta Naetter


Artist Title
Amduscia Dead Or Alive
Culture Kultur Engel
Aesthetic Perfextion Fix
Colony 5 A Test
Syrian No Atmosphere (Alien#Six13)
Yavin 4 Sacred Air (2004 AD)
Combichrist Today I Woke To The Rain Of Blood
Implant Tune Up Your Chips And Circuits (Diskonnekted)