Play Lists for April 2005

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Artist Title
Wumpscut Crown Of Thorns
Agonoize Sick (Captive Of Society)
All For One The Stars (Sub Zero)
Colony 5 The Great Commandment
Cosmicity Automatic
Melotron Wenn Wir Wolten (Large)
Randancer Sleepless v2.0
Noise Unit The Drain


Artist Title
Melotron Erwartungen
VNV Nation Interceptor
Cosmicity Oxygenius (A23)
SITD Sentiment
Grendel Interrogation
Raindancer September Comes Again
Colony 5 Last Man On Earth
X-Fusion C'mon Devil (Slow)


Artist Title
Autoaggression Reflector
VNV Nation Strata
Aghast View Drifter (Club Bound)
Solitary Experiments Glory & Honour (Survival)
SITD Relief
Seabound Transformer (Antiseptic)
Assemblage 23 Divide (
L'ame Immortelle Broken


Artist Title
Grendel Soilbleed (Obszoen Geschoepf)
Autoaggression Blau
This Morn Omina FP(52500)
Final Selection Lava
Cobalt 60 12 Months
SITD Wegweiser
Orange Sector Bitch (Raising Agent)
Orbital Dr. ? (Remix)