Play Lists for May 2005

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Artist Title
Icon Of Coil New York City Boy
Northern Lite Reach The Sun (Westbam)
Wideband Network The Silence (Burufunk)
Haujobb s_adow (Shok)
Cut Rate Box Ego
Mesh Let Them Crush Us
Selfless Unfold
Snog Real Estate Man (ubin)


Artist Title
Agonoize Chains Of Love (Electro)
Accessory They Come
ReAgent Weak And Wounded (Terrorfakt)
Vox Celesta Falscher Gott (Frozen Plasma)
Solitary Experiments Paradox (E-Motion)
Echo Image Need To Be Proud (Iris)
Interface Age Of Computers 2.0
Project Pitchfork I Live Your Dream (Extended)


Artist Title
Sacoma Ausweg
Rotersand Merging Oceans
Wideband Network Orbit
Pankow Treuhund
Mnemonic Outsider
La Floa Maldita Stay
Statemachine I'm Love (Club)
Obscyre Forgive me
Spektralized Learn And Teach
Snog Citizens (Shaolin Wooden Men)


Artist Title
Real Life Oblivion (Nevarakka)
Statemachine I'm Love (Extended)
Camouflage I Can't Feel You
Snog Real Estate Man (Hecq)
Rotersand Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
Namnambulu Beaten v2.0
Colony 5 Psycho Blonde
Stromkern Stand Up


Artist Title
Monofader Behind
Michigan Sorrows (Boost Target)
Sero Overdose She (Pulse State)
Victim In Vain Itch Of Life (Dopamin)
Tristraum Shiver (Echo Image)
Absorber The Fall
Backlash Lodestar (P Remix)
Conetik Electronova
Mind In A Box Certainty (Seize)
Pandique Light Of Justice
Endanger Give Me A Reason
HMB The Metro
Raindancer I Will Get You Down
PBC Close Your Eyes