Play Lists for February 2006

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Artist Title
Synthetic Dream Foundation Ophelias Mechanical Wings
Cesium 137 Eastern Sky
Cat Rapes Dog American Jesus (Electronic)
Proceed Reaktion (Endtrance)
The Legends Hide Away (Project-X)
Angel Theory Descendant
Reactivate Souldestroyer (Club)
Wumpscut Wir Warten


Artist Title
Cesium 137 Transient
Virtual Server My Inner Peace (Rename)
Rename Everyone You Talk To (Club)
Level 2.0 Betrayal
Tactical Sekt Not Entertained
Dubok Red Lights
Blue October Nervous Energy (Spiraling Square)
Spetsnaz Totalitar


Artist Title
Clan Of Xymox Weak In My Knees (Azoic)
Interface Faith In Nothing (Combichrist)
Reactivate Waiting For The Night (Midnite Resistance)
Mesh What Are You Scared Of?
Minerve My Universe (Iris)
Unheilig Menschenherz
Obzoen Geshoepf Hellbound
FOD Siegerwelten


Artist Title
Headscan Antenna Manifold
Apoptygma Berzerk Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your Soul
Unheilig Ich Will Alles
Wideband Network Grounded
Temple Of Tears Ardor (Frozen)
Pride & Fall Elements Of Silence
Covenant XRdS
Orange Sector Tanzbefehl (Ionic Vision)