Play Lists for August 2006

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Artist Title
Babyland Guard Dogs
Vampire Rodents Zygote
Negativland Christianity Is Stupid
Pan Sonic Whore Of Babylon
Godflesh Wake (Break)
Biopsy Leech
Non Aggression Pact Datarape
Foetus Anything (Viva!)
Negative Format Sustain
Artist Title
Fix8Sed8 Ultraviolent
Matrix Let You Breathe (In-A-Sense)
Combichrist Christus Commando
VNV Nation Chrome (Modcom)
Angel Theory Human
Infernosounds Creature Of The Night
Resurrection Eve Forever
Mesh Document
Artist Title
Imperative Reaction As We Fall (Bunker)
Reaper Weltfremd (Extended)
Skoyz Dark Energy
Frozen Plasma Irony (DJ Edit)
Nevarakka Magical Moment
Seabound Traitor (Extended)
Mesh Petrified (Reasonably Priced)
Technoir Liar (Rotersand)
Artist Title
Velvet Acid Christ Ghost Regen (Fractured Coils)
Nevarakka Desire (Club)
Technoir Manifesto (Delobbo)
Skoyz Metamorph
Ellen Alien & Apparat Way Out (Dance)
Spektralized No Control
And One Hardware Conflict
Resurrection Eve Wine