Play Lists for March 2010

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Artist Title
Nachtmahr Moerder (C_A_T)
Caustic Appetite For Distraction
XP8 Drop The Mask
Mind In A Box Supremacy
Level 2.0 Invincible (Cryogen 2)
Velvet Acid Christ Tripped Out
CTRL Lost In Static
God Module A Minute To Midnite (SHIV-R)
Artist Title
Mind In A Box 8 Bits (Club Edit)
Combichrist This Is My Rifle (Caustic)
Cut Rate Box Behind The Wheel
Suicide Commando God Is In The Rain (Club)
Kreuz Koenig Nachleuchten
Dimanche Noir Time Is Catching Up
FOD Allein
Future Trail Escape
Artist Title
Mechanical Apfelsine Serial Lover
AutoKratz Speak In Silence (Jagz Krooner)
Cosmicity Proxy
Quelles Paroles Swoon
Diorama Child Of Entertainment (Cubed)
Alaska Highway Skyline
Pulcher Femina Grim Surroundings
De/Vision Time To Be Alive
Artist Title
State Of The Union Dancing In The Dark (Electrovot)
Technology Self Destruction
SITD Pride
Grendel Shortwired
Patenbrigade Wolff IM: Benecke
In Strict Confidence Silver Bullets (X-Fusion)
Combichrist Scarred (Club)
Level 2.0 Not Forgotten
Artist Title
Trademark Colder
State Of The Union Dancing In The Dark (Die With You)
Nitzer Ebb Once You Say (People Theatre)
Mind In A Box Lightforce
Blume Walking In Darkness
System Syn Momentary Absolution (Imperative Reaction)
In Strict Confidence Silver Bullets (Club)
Velvet Acid Christ Caustic Disco (Twilight Garden)