Play Lists for September 1999

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Artist Title
Biopsy Leech
Masterpulse Democracy Embraces All
Decoded Feedback Bio-Vital (Fictional)
Iris Saving Time (Goa Mix)
Lab Animals Angel Dust
Chiasm Liquify


Artist Title
De/Vision Dinner without Grace '98
Iris Danger is the Shame
Fictional Hangman
Elegant Machinery Process
Neuroactive Parallel
Fatih Assembly Crash and Burn


Artist Title
Flesh Field Prophecy (Nostrothomas A23 Mix)
Diverje Self Denied
X Marks The Pedwalk Maximum Pace
Apoptygma Berzerk Burnin' Heretic (Goth Mix)
VNV Nation Tempest
Funker Vogt Spread Your Legs!