Play Lists for November 1999

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Artist Title
VNV Nation Kingdom
Wumpscut I Want You (Slut Mix)
Birmingham 6 Israel (Razormaid)
Covenant Tour De Force
Wolfsheim Upstairs
Modo Eins, Zwei, Polizei


Artist Title
Fortification 55 1999
X Marks The Pedwalk Abbatoir (Razormaid)
Wumpscut Pest
Consume Ezra Pound
Loom 1111111
Alphaville Monkey In The Moon


Artist Title
Decoded Feedback Relic (Din Fiv)
Individual Totem Flow (Fortress A)
Zero Defects Braindead
Neuroactive Timemachine (Neurotransmitter)
Das Ich Das Ich Im Ich (And One)
Templebeat You Spin Me Round


Artist Title
Rational Youth Everything Is Vapour
Mesh It Scares Me (Mesh Mix)
Mindless Faith Rat Race
Jared Louche Sister Midnight
Meg Lee Chin Nutopia
Malhavoc S.C.E.X.