Play Lists for May 2000

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Artist Title
And One Sweety Sweety
Philtron Higher
Silke Bischoff On The Other Side
Equatronic Seering Eyes
SPOCK Romulan Ale
A Spell Inside We Turn To Grey
Neuroactive Fiber Optic Rhythm
Deine Lakaien Dark Star


Artist Title
Fictional Blue Lights
VNV Nation Further
Flesh Field Animal
Neuroactive Defeated
Iris Twilight
Apoptygma Berzerk Beatbox
Covenant Dead Stars
Velvet Acid Christ Icon


Artist Title
Wolfsheim I Don't Love You Anymore
Apoptygma Berzerk Kathy's Song
In Strict Confidence Industrial Love
Funker Vogt Fortunes of War
Velvet Acid Christ Lets Kill All These Motherfuckers
Assemblage 23 Bi-Polar
E-Craft Electrocution
Wumpscut Soylent Green (Instrumental)


Artist Title
Informatik Things to Come
Numb Suspended
Flesh Field Cyberchrist
Aghast View Payoff
Imperative Reaction The Longing
Front Line Assembly Prophecy
Biopsy Why Bother?
Cubanate Voids


Artist Title
Lost Signal Absence
Cesium 137 Darkest Dream
Oncoming Age Of Fire
Shunt Trapped In My World
Trylok Desire
Crocodile Shop Waiting Game
Bigod 20 Carpe Diem (Bigod 10 Mix)
Coil Things Happen