Play Lists for August 2000

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Artist Title
Moev Suffer
Trylok Radioactivity
Moksha Consecrated Virgin
Front 242 Punish Your Machine
Julian Beeston Angel
Dive True Lies
Threat Level 5 Rivet Head Behind The Wheel


Artist Title
Nine Inch Richards Closer To Hogs
Red Flag Machines
Apoptygma Berzerk Electricity
Din_Fiv We Are
Icon Of Coil Repeat It
Decoded Feedback EVOlution
Funker Vogt The Journey
Lost Signal Regret (Epsilon)


Artist Title
Statemachine Thermal Noise
Iris Danger is the Shame
The Nine Our Tomorrow
Echoing Green Defender
Brave New World Drug
Wolfsheim Once in a Lifetime
Neuroactive Moments Passing By
Neuropa Rules To Break
Beborn Beton Hemoglobin
Melotron Kindertraum
And One Get You Closer
De/Vision Dinner Without Grace
Mesh Trust You