Play Lists for September 2001

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Artist Title
Backlash Alter Ego
Seabound Exorcize
Run Level Zero My Tormentor
XPQ-21 Hey You (Nicques)
Kramm Fiebertraum
Front Line Assembly Everything Must Perish
VNV Nation Genesis (Single)
L'ame Imortelle The Truth Behind


Artist Title
Lost Signal Absence
Cesium 137 The Fall (GASR)
Megadump Never Stop
Kevorkian Death Cycle Relax (Shifter)
Curve Gift
Flesh Field Hedean
Echo Image Skulk (Extended Kit)
Wumpscut Wreath of Barbs


Artist Title
Angels & Agony Darkness (Outside)
Wumpscut Deliverance (Club)
GASR Creed
Seabound Smoke
ReWork The Sun
VNV Nation Genesis (Ivory Frequency)
L'ame Immortelle Changes (Live)
Skinny Puppy Testure (Live)


Artist Title
Solitary Experiments Glory And Honor
Forbidden Colors My Broken Heart
The Klinik Sleepwalking
Seven Trees Going Down
Megadump Shockwave
Individual Totem Lost Station
Snog The People Of Straight Land
Scope Suffrance 95
Wolfsheim Auf Ein Wort