Play Lists for May 1998

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Artist Title
Leatherstrip How do I  know
Crocodile Shop Lets go to bed
Project Pitchfork Gravitation Zero
Clay People/Christ Analogue  Jump Around
VNV Nation Honour
Die Warzau All good girls
KMFDM Mysterious Ways


Artist Title
Klinik Touch
Covenant Riot
Cubanate IT
Luxt Spite
Cyber-Tec Stateless
And One Sitata Tiralala
In Strict Confidence Collapse


Artist Title
Switchblade Symphony  Clown
Templebeat The Brain Cult of Macho Irony
Swamp Terrorists Get O.
Oomph! Breathtaker
Android Lust Suffer the Flesh
Diverje Put the flesh in


Artist Title
Front Line Assembly Barcode v2.0
Pankow Me and my Ding-Dong
Heavy Water Factory Delusional
Unit 187 Loaded
Project Pitchfork 2069AD
Skinny Puppy Dig It