Play Lists for December 2002

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Artist Title
Ivory Frequency Clock Is Ticking Fast
God Module Transcend (Parallel)
Stromkern Re/Align (Seabound)
Dubok Dense (A23)
Assemblage 23 Divide (cut rate box)
Solitary Experiments Do You Feel?
Namnambulu Now Or Never
Echo Image Endless Day (Club)
Iris Unknown (Sub Rosa)
Mesh Little Missile
Informatik Flesh Menagerie
Girls Under Glass Minddriver


Artist Title
Girls Under Glass Erinnerung
Gridlock Front
Apoptygma Berzerk Until The End Of The World (Dark Club)
CrocShop Superficial
Penal Colony Falling Down The Stairs
Individual Totem WWW
Hocico A Broken Glass
Mesh Little Missile


Artist Title
Tripp Who Collapse
Interface Wasted Time
Dubok Dense (Croc Shop)
Croc Shop World
Z-Prochek Point Blank
Moon Rock When it's Real
Diary Of Dreams Painkiller


Artist Title
This Morn Omina One Eyed Man
Covenant Call The Ships To Port (Club)
Stromkern Re/Align (Echo Virus)
The Retrosic Eat Me Alive
Mindless Faith Stars Stripes and Satellites (Alpha)
State Of The Union Black City Lights
Neikka RPM Here's Your Revolution (Negative Format)
Melotron Gib Mir Alles


Artist Title
In Strict Confidence Our Darkness (Anne Clark)
Assemblage 23 I Ran (A Flock Of Seagulls)
Seabound Confusion (New Order)
Hate Dept. Planet Earth (Duran Duran)
Diary Of Dreams Bladerunner Theme (Vangelis)
Statemachine Stripped (Depeche Mode)
Leatherstrip Are Friends Electric? (Gary Numan)
Harpo Movie Star
Lassigue Benthaus Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie)