Play Lists for January 2003

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Artist Title
VNV Nation Joy
Funker Vogt Voices Of The Dead
Velvet Acid Christ WHTSWHTK '98
Implant Distant Future
Negative Format Downfall (Atmosphere)
Boole Blow Up The World
Headscan Dissolution (Club)
Mesh People Like Me (Alt. Mesh Mix)


Artist Title
Covenant Wall Of Sound
Project Pitchfork I Live Your Dream (Extended)
Delerium Incantation (12" Mix)
Die Krupps Fatherland (Sisters Of Mercy)
Cubanate Oxyacetalene (Extended)
Crocodile Shop Waiting Game (Single Mix)
Bigod 20 The Bog (Techno Duck Mix)
Switchblade Symphony Clown (Razed In Black)


Artist Title
vox celestra Die Zeit
Fiendflug Grossenwahn
!Bang Elektronika Gib Vollgas
Beborn Beton Im Innern Einer Frau (Fishmix)
Melotron Gib Mir Alles (Nawiegehts Mussja Mix)
Das Ich Destillat
Kramm Blasses Kind
Witt / Heppner Die Flut