Play Lists for April 2003

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Artist Titl;e
Front 242 Seq666 E
Lights Of Euphoria True Life (VNV Nation)
God Module Telekinetic
Neuroticfish Velocity
Glis Resolution
Front Line Assembly The Blade (Blindfold)
Fiendflug Kahle Bedrohung
Nukleon Mars


Artist Title
Snog Real Estate Man
Gimmik Wavefiles
Tekniq Early Reflection
Lustmord + Metal Beast Torens Parts
Liar's Rosebush None Higher
Numb Desire (Prelude & Nocturne)
New Order Blue Monday 12"


Artist Title
Wolfsheim Approaching Lightspeed
Mesh From This Height
Neuroticfish Skin (Binary 2002)
Die Krupps To The Hilt (Demian)
KMFDM Trust (Never)
Lights Of Euphoria True Life (God Module)
Das Ich Destillat (New Club Mix)
Android Lust The Want


Artist Title
Anne Clark Sleeper In Metropolis 3000 (Club)
Wolfsheim Wundervoll
Camouflage Me And You (FEOS and Snipe)
Lights Of Euphoria Slowmotion
Project Pitchfork Corpus Hermeticum
Re_Agent Die Alone
Chiasm Fight (MO)
The Echoing Green Terra Firma