Play Lists for August 2003

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Artist Title
Apoptygma Berzerk Electricity
Razed In Black Blush
Bruderschaft Forever (Club)
Heavy Water Factory Translucent Amber
Ohgr Jako
And One Kreiger
Angels & Agony One (Allergic)
Funker Vogt Final Threat (Flatline)
Cesium 137 The Fall
SPOCK E-Lectric


Artist Title
Allied Vision Revolted Generator
Insurgent Resonator
Front Line Assembly The Blade (Blindfold)
Birmingham 6 Godlike (Prayer)
Scar Tissue Stance
The Nine I Won't (Album)
Iris Lose In Wanting (System 22)
SPOCK Satellites


Artist Title
Razed In Black Blush v2
Funker Vogt History (Icon of Coil)
Cruxshadows Winter Born (Club)
Fiendflug Stromtod
This Morn Omina The Immutable Sphere
Rational Youth Coboloid Race
Ravenous Silverray
Yoko Kanno Inner Universe