Play Lists for July 1998

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Artist Title
Evils Toy Co-Existence
Agast View Immunity
Graven Image Future in my head
Deathline International  Wild Boys
Six Sigma Operate Alone
X Marks The Pedwalk Abbatoir


Artist Title
RX Idle Contact
Demetia Simplex Testicle Crack
SPOCK Human Decision Required
Project Pitchfork  God Wrote
Front 242 Rhythm of Time
Haujobb Antiversion


Artist Title
VNV Nation Joy
Snog Make the little flowers grow
Assemblage 23 I Ran
!Bang Elektronika Flasche in der hand
Microchip League  New York, New York
Coil The Snow


Artist Title
Cyber-Tec Let your body die
VNV Nation  Serial Killer
Crisis NTI Fuck The System
DIJIK Run away from your insane world
Offworld Turning Point