Play Lists for March 2004

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Artist Title
Negative Format Cipher
Angel Theory Transmission
God Module Companion (Solitary Experiments)
Haujobb The Noise Institute
Rotersand Electronic World Transmission (SITD)
Tau Factor A Train To Helsinger
Seabound Transformer (Antiseptic)
Semi New Energy


Artist Title
Neikka RPM Here's Your Revolution (Negative Format)
Blank Afterburn
Grendel Pax Psychosis (4/4 Whore)
ReAgent Weak & Wounded (Vox)
Solitary Experiments Fast Forward (Total Rewind)
Echo Image The Neverending Story
Moon Rock Angel In You
Imperative Reaction The Distance


Artist Title
Apoptygma Berzerk Untitled Too (Sweep)
Ascii Disko Ne Travaillez Jamais
CTRL Going Going
State Of The Union Children Of The Night
Solitary Experiments The Essence Of Mind (ReAgent)
Wumpscut Crown Of Thorns (Suicide Commando)
Imperative Reaction Arrogance
Wolfsheim Blind (Herbig)


Artist Title
The Ukranians Batyar
Diverje On Skin (Derma)
God Module Evolve (Mutate)
Apoptygma Berzerk Ok Amp Let Me Out
Welle Erdball Telespiel
Infekktion Your Master
Tarmvred Triptamine (Killing Game)
Thou Shalt Not Headhunter


Artist Title
Painbastard Now I Fall (Club)
Icon Of Coil Transfer Complete (Delobbo)
Colony 5 Science
Grendel Crucify
Velvet Acid Christ Decypher (Force = Authority)
Iron Lung Corp Murderous
16 Volt The Dreams That Rot In Your Heart
Wumpscut Your Last Salute