Play Lists for August 2005

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Artist Title
System Syn I Never Was
GASR Light (PBC)
Tactical Sekt Bring Me Violence
The Crystalline Effect Another Rainy Day (Angel Theory)
Tristesse De La Lune Nivine (Sero Overdose)
Xotox Roboterkrieg (SITD)
Megadump Frozen Frames
Iris Lands Of Fire


Artist Title
OVNI What Have I Done (What Have I)
Code 64 Without You
And One Life Isn't Easy In Germany (Club)
Dulce Liquido Reaxxxion
Flesh Field Conquer Me (E-Craft)
Atlantic Popes World (Remix)
The Crystalline Effect Why Do I Hate Myself (IF)
Reaper Jagd


Artist Title
The Second Sight Pain In Me (Futurepop)
PBC Close Your Eyes
Children Within Collective Minds (Covenant)
Sphere Lazza Ultimate Abyss
Chiasm Rewind
Livdiode Shadow
Panzer Division Blood Pact (2003)
Lunascape Mindstalking (Funkella)


Artist Title
Terminal Choice Injustice (Dark Club)
L'ame Immortelle The Truth Behind
Aesthetic Perfection Surface (Pneumatic Death)
Iris Sorrow Expert (Crucible)
Diskonnekted After Einstein (Extended)
Project Pitchfork Existence (VNV Nation)
Re Work Never Seen Tomorrow
Noise Unit Illicit Dreams


Artist Title
Accessory Obsession
Diskonnekted After Einstein (Delobbo)
OVNI Help Me Out (Cyclone-B)
Rotersand Undone
Apoptygma Berzerk In This Together (Club)
Virtual Embrace Lost (Version)
Necessary Response Tomorrow (Edit)
Zeraphine Be My Rain (Club)